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 Volunteer and Event Management

We are grateful for the content provided below sourced from a variety of contributors including Netball New Zealand & Nuku Ora, Aktive, and Sport NZ/Ihi Aotearoa.

Netball New Zealand Volunteer Resources

  • Inducting your Volunteers’ – Support your volunteers right from the start, ensuring their volunteering begins with a positive experience. This resource includes an induction checklist, creating a welcome letter, what to include in an induction pack and holding an induction event for volunteers.

  • Volunteering Culture Check - Assessing and Making Change’ – A positive culture, where volunteers feel appreciated and supported, can help attract volunteers while a negative culture will do just the opposite, what kind of Culture do you have? This resource includes how to assess the health of your culture, making change and tips for building a good volunteer culture.

  • Want to increase your number of volunteers this year? A PowerPoint summaryof the top 10 actions to build your Centres volunteer capability. This 12 minute webinar is pre-recorded so watch in your own time.

  • Volunteer Management Plan template. Want to streamline your volunteer processes and have everything recorded in one place? Take the time to download this Volunteer Management Plan template, remove the ideas you don’t want to do (and add your own) to create a guideline for the year. Available on NNZ Sport Tutor HERE

  • NetballShare - 27 editable, practical resources for Clubs and School netball administrators. Examples include: Coach and Managers Handbook, Trial administration and organisation, Selector trial sheets, Coach Agreement, Team goals and values, Parent engagement scenarios, Player survey, etc.
    If looking for a Volunteer Coordinator, a Coach, Umpire, Bench official, Administrator, President/Chairperson or Committee Member - editable volunteer recruitment documents including suggested job descriptions, social media text and images you can use to advertise will soon be added to NetballShare in 2023.


Explore volunteers' motivations, volunteer coordinators and planning a management programme.

A volunteer is someone who donates their time to the club without expectation of a payment. Volunteers come from all age groups, educational backgrounds, income levels, genders and types of employment.

They become volunteers for a variety of reasons. Basic motivations that are often cited include:

  • Helping others
  • Having an interest in the work or activity
  • Wanting to learn and gain experience
  • Having a lot of free time
  • Being devoted to the cause
  • Knowing someone who is involved.

- Why do People Volunteer?

- Why do you need a Volunteer Coordinator?

- Why do you need a Volunteer Plan?

Please access the Volunteer Management document (right hand side) for more information.

Volunteers are key to the sucess of any sporting organisation whether it be a Centre, Satellites, Clubs or Schools. Without our volunteers, sport would not be accessible to everyone, there would be a lot more health issues mentally and physically, and the fun factor that Netball brings to the game and to our people would be sorely missed.


Planning, promoting and evaluating events.

Events are a fantastic way to promote your club in the community. They are a great opportunity to get people involved and have fun at the same time. Most of the work for an event is in the planning.


Planning is about deciding what kind of event your club wants and making it happen. This planning can be carried out in four stages: planning, preparation, presentation and evaluation. The following action points will help:

  • Have a meeting to decide what kind of event your club wants to have and how it might work
  • Know the purpose of the exercise - is it to raise money, increase membership or reward volunteers?
  • Prepare a timeline - what needs to happen before, during and after the event?
  • Identify resources - what will you need (people, equipment, facilities)?
  • Work out costs - do you have a budget for your event?
  • Know your goals - what are the aims and the benefits for your club?
  • How will you measure your success - it helps to know what is to be achieved, who it is for, who can help, what is it called and how much will it cost?

- Planning your event

- Prepare for your event

- Event checklist

- Managing Volunteers

- Marketing

- Event presentation and evaluation

Please access the Event Management and Event Checklist documents (right hand side) for more information.

Nuku Ora Volunteer Resources

​​​​​​​Acknowledging Volunteers

People often volunteer because they want to make a difference. By understanding that difference you can tell a story which becomes a powerful and meaningful acknowledgement of their volunteer work.

Best practice now tells us that volunteers like to hear what impact they have made – on people, the organization and the sport. Numbers of hours and length of service are part of the picture, but nowhere near all.

What is vital to keeping volunteers is expressing to them the difference they have made through their work. By telling a story about it, you’ll not only be showing your volunteers how they are appreciated, which will lead to better retention, but you’ll also be able to use these stories in your recruitment.

The video below is an in-depth story about the journey of Netball Wellington Centre and P.I.C. Netball Club's very own long-time volunteer Bubs Reweti.

Make use of the following Nuku Ora links to access valuable ideas for the following areas of sourcing volunteers.

Aktive Volunteer Resource

Finding and looking after the people who are key to the survival of your club is often one of our greatest challenges which is why Aktive have assembed a Volunteer Management Toolkit.

Without volunteers, sport wouldn't happen. In fact, it'shighly likely that if you’re reading this document you are avolunteer yourself. It's people who influence the quality ofour sport and recreation experiences so it’s essential that the people are looked after. We want everyone to reap the value and benefits that can be enjoyed through sport including our volunteers.Volunteers choose to contribute time, skills and experience,for no payment, to benefit their community. This document should help you find and hold on to these amazing people who help your organisation thrive.