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Netball Wellington Centre

There's a new feature released to the Netball Wellington app called Chat2Team.

Existing team admins/scorers will now see this when logged into to the app.

If you don't see the Chat2Team option please check you have the latest version of the app updated from the App Store or Google Play.

For more details please including FAQs and how to get started, please click here .

Getting started using Chat2Team

1. Click the Game Day icon and login

Each team chat can only be started by a team manager, coach, or scorer/admin for a team. That person needs to firstly login to the Game Day App as a Scorer/Official.

2. Tap the Chat2Team speech bubble.

This sends an email including a unique Chat PIN code to each team member.

3. Team members follow the steps in the invite email to download the Netball Wellington app (if you haven't already), click the Officials icon, click the Chat2Team button, enter your Chat PIN and email address. You are now part of the team chat.

For further info and FAQs please click here.