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We appreciate that there are sometimes minimal order requirements for some suppliers therefore we wish to offer our support to our netball community by holding common stock items to help make ordering items easier for individuals, schools and clubs.  We also aim to use our preferred suppliers to gain the best deals in the process.

We are happy to invoice clubs or individuals and can provide quotes along with a full breakdown to assist with funding/grant applications and reconciliation.

If the item you'd like is not featured below, please email admin@netballwellington.co.nz to enquire.  We may be able to source items or order items in bulk for a discounted price.

A small selection of items may be held in stock available for purchase from the Sports Control Desk during regular Saturday Competition, Twilight/College/Intermediate/Year 6 (7v7 head-start) Comp leagues at our Hataitai Netball Pavilion and Ākau Tangi Sports Centre venues.  

We encourage you to get in touch via phone to (04) 387 6002 or email admin@netballwellington.co.nz in advance to enquire whether we have items in stock and enable us to prepare these for your collection.

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Player Essentials

7-a-side Bib Set

​​​​​​​For players Year 7 to adult.  Polyester mesh with elastic sides. 

Colours - navy, black, red, pink, green, gold, sky blue, white

$60 XL size set of 7
$60 senior size set of 7
$50 junior size set of 7

5-a-side Bib Set

For Year 3&4 players playing futureFERNS modified 5v5 game. Elasticated sides.  

3 positions - 2xD, 1xC, 2xA.  

Colours - purple or cyan

$40 set of 5

6-a-side Bib Set

For Year 5&6 futureFERNS players or College players playing the modified 6v6 game. Elasticated sides.  3 positions - 2xD, 2xC, 2xA. 

Colours - black, light green, dark blue, cyan blue, pink (subject to availability)

$55 senior size set of 6
$45 junior size set of 6

4-a-side Bib Set

For Year 0-2 players playing futureFERNS modified 4v4 game. Elasticated sides.  No positions. 

Colours - magenta or cyan

$35 set of 4

​​​​​​​Size 5

Size 5

Size 4

Silver Fern Falcon size 5 training ball
Used by Year 7 to adult. One colour - fluoro green with blue.

Silver Fern Kereru size 5 training ball
Used by Year 7 to adult. One colour - white/grey with pink.




Silver Fern Tui size 4 training ball

Used by Year 3-6

​​​​​​​Size 5

Silver Fern Albatross size 5 match ball
Used by Year 7 to adult. 
One colour - white & black.

​​​​​​​Silver Fern Albatross size 5 branded match ball
Used by Year 7 to adult.  Club/school logo printed on each ball.
$60 per ball



Super Grip Rubber Ball

Used by Year 0-2

20cm diameter

Blue colour


Hoop Net

Rubber Spot Markers

Colour - yellow, red, purple, green, orange, blue
$5 per single spot
$25 set of 6

Ball Bag
8-10 ball capacity. Black mesh, drawstring and toggle.

Injury treatment/prevention

Ice bag & wrap

​​​​​​​Reuseable screw-top bag with compression band

Strapping Tape

Rigid tape - 38mm wide.
13.7m long
​​​​​​​Colour - flesh only
​​​​​​​$8 per roll



Spiky Self-Massage Ball

9.5cm size
Colours - pink, black, yellow, green, purple, blue

Ice Wrap Handle

Cling-film roll with plastic handle

Cohesive Premier Tape

Alternative to compression wraps, wound care and fixation bandages. 
Breathable, sweat-resistant, high tensile, lightweight and easy-tearing.
Colour - black only
​​​​​​​$7.50 per roll


Acupressure Massage Ball single

6.5cm diameter. High density.
​​​​​​​Blue, pink, black colours
$10 per ball



Acupressure Massage Ball 3-pack
Set of 3. 6.5cm diameter. Low, medium & high density.  Colours as shown.
​​​​​​​$25 per pack

Coach & Umpire essentials

​​​​​​​Netball Coaches season handbook

Features areas for game notes, record of players’ court time, training attendance & basic stats


International Netball Federation Rule Book - ​​​​​​​2020 edition


Electronic Timer

Count up, count down & clock functions

Black plastic with fingergrip


Standard plastic with lanyard

Umpire Skort

Lightweight for maximum comfort, breathable with lycra shorts underneath. Black only.  Sizes 8-20.

Additional items

NWC Centenary Book

Celebrates 100 years of netball within the Wellington Centre and surrounds.