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Holiday Netball Skills

Netball Wellington Centre offer skills sessions at the following times throughout the year held at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre (timing may vary depending on venue & staff availability):

January 2024:
Focus on revising basic fundamental netball skills to get back into the swing of things.
Timed to run in the last two weeks prior to return to school - may vary to avoid clash with public holidays, return to school and staff availability.

All-round Fun
Tuesday 16 January & Tuesday 23 January 2024
2 hour skill refresher, extender & modified game play.
Year 7&8 from 10am to 12pm
Year 9-13 from 1pm to 3pm
Update 12.01.24: Age groups combined on Tuesday 16 January to run 10am-12pm
Update 19.01.24: Age groups combined on Tuesday 23 January to run 10am-12pm

If participant numbers are low, ages may be combined to maximise game play
Cost: $40 per session
Coaches: NWC development staff John Neho & Sandra Edge

Position-Specific - Mid-Court, Defence, Shooting
Thursday 18 January 2024
​​​​​​​3 x 2-hour sessions where you'll pick up pointers in the three key areas of the court to boost your gameplay.
Midcourt - 9am-11am
Defence - 11.30am-1.30pm
Shooting - 2pm-4pm
Attendees shall be advised if session time subject to change to cater for guest coach availability.
Cost: $40 per session

April 2024:
Timing varies to avoid Easter/ANZAC holidays and staff availability.
Get a head-start on the netball season with a choice of three options designed to focus on executing essential fundamental skills consistently well, getting to know your favourite areas of the court a little better and putting them into practice in game play.

Coaches: NWC development staff John Neho & Sandra Edge

All-Round Fun for Year 7-13
Tuesday 16 April
Year 7&8 from 10am to 12pm
Year 9-13 from 1pm to 3pm
Update 12.04.24: Age groups combined on Tuesday 16 April to run 10am-12pm
Cost: $40 per person

Position-Specific Sessions for Year 9-13
Thursday 18 April 2024
2 hour sessions
Te Wānanga o Raukawa Pulse players Amelia Walmsley, Kelea Iongi, Khiarna Williams & Parris Petera join us as guest coaches sharing tips about their key area of the court.
Shooting with Amelia Walmsley & Khiarna Williams - 10am to 12pm
Defence with Kelea Iongi - 10am to 12pm
Midcourt with Parris Petera - 1pm to 3pm
Shooting & Defence held simultaneously. 
Timing subject to change catering for guest coach availability.

Cost: $40 per person, per session

Game On! Mini Tournament for Year 7-13
Tuesday 23 April 2024
Year 7&8 from 10am to 12pm
Year 9-13 from 1pm to 3pm
$40 per person
If participant numbers are low, ages may be combined to maximise game play

Registration link activated after Easter

July 2024:
Midway through the season we're simply focused on F-U-N offering the chance to come together to enjoy carefree netball fun with friends as we play play play.

All-round Fun
Groovy Tuesday 16 July
Thrilling Thursday 18 July
Year 7&8 from 10am to 12pm
Year 9-13 from 1pm to 3pm
Update 12.07.24: Age groups combined for both days 10am-12pm to maximise play opportunity
Cost: $40 per session.
Coaches: NWC development staff

Sign up here

October 2024:
The season's come to an end but now's the best time to have some fun continuing to learn as we play so our skills stay sharp!

All-round Fun
Thursday 3 October, Tuesday 8 October & Thursday 10 October 2024
Year 7&8 from 10am to 12pm
Year 9-13 from 1pm to 3pm
If participant numbers are low, ages may be combined to maximise game play
Cost: $40 per session
Coaches: NWC development staff Sandra Edge & John Neho

Next Step Netball for Year 6 (interest-dependent)
Date, time & cost TBC
​​​​​​​Focus on having fun as we familiarise Year 6s with new positions, playing areas and rules as they grow from 6-a-side netball to 7-a-side netball in 2025.

Ākau Tangi Sports Centre, 72 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington

Cost: may vary per session - see above

All genders, ability/disability & level of experience welcome
Coaches do their best to offer a challenge to those seeking a further push and support those new to the game.
Where participant numbers allow groups may be split into skill groups to further benefit attendees.
Groups may vary at Centre's discretion.

May vary depending on number of participants registered.
Sessions designed to complement each other. 
Attendees welcome to attend more than one session (cost per session). 
If attending more than one session in a day, there will be a 30 minute break between sessions.  Bring snacks and water bottle to keep energy levels up.

Our own Netball Wellington Centre Development Staff along with guest specialist coaches where available.  In the past we've been fortunate to tap into Pulse and National Netball League players/coaches.  Student coaches with representative-level experience may also offer support as required.

Personal development opportunity for aspiring coaches
For those who may wish to attend and learn as a coach, we also offer the chance to ​​​​​​​come & pick up fresh ideas at no cost. Either observe or shadow or get involved in a hands-on volunteer capacity as you gain practical learning. Session plan may be provided to those who indicate an interest in advance of the day.

​​​​​​​How to register
Via our online registration form - yellow button will be activated on this page.  
Registrations open at least one month ahead of the start of our programmes.

Registration cut-off & waiting list
Spaces are limited to ensure quality coaching.
Registrations close the week prior to the start of the programme or once spaces are full.  
​​​​​​​A waiting list may be created as necessary.

Mail list & promotion
Previous attendees will be advised via email once registrations open. 
We also promote via our website or "Like" us on Facebook to stay up to date - www.facebook.com/netballwellingtoncentre/

If you have a query or wish to be added to our mail list please feel free to email admin@netballwellington.co.nz