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 Finance, Legal and Strategy resource

​​​​​​​Financial processes a club needs to run successfully.

Information you need to manage your club's finances. Remember that the size of your club determines the financial management processes that need to be put in place.


  • Bank Accounts
  • Budgets (template provided below)
  • Annual Cashflows (template provided below)
  • Accounting systems

Please refer to the Financial Managment document for more information.

Legal considerations for clubs

The words 'legal requirements' need not be daunting. The main legal issues a club should consider relate to privacy and the Privacy Act 1993, accident and injury compensation (ACC), liquor licensing, employment and health and safety.

Information includes the following:

  • Privacy Act
  • ACC
  • Employment
  • Liquor Licensing
  • Incorporated Society legislation requirements

Please refer to the Legal Considerations for Clubs document for more information.

Advice on strategic, business and operational plans.

Planning is the key to the long-term success of a club. Whether at a national or local level, your club needs to make long-term plans to progress and grow.

  • What does planning do?
  • What are strategic, business, management and operational plans?
  • Do we need all of these plans?

Please refer to the Planning for Clubs document for more information.