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 Funding and Sponsorship

​​​​​​​Information for clubs about fundraising, sponsorship and grants.

Many sport and recreation clubs operate with limited finances and need to raise additional funds through fundraising, sponsorship or grants. There is often money available through local businesses, charities, sport and recreation governing bodies and government agencies, but clubs and other groups also compete for it.


Sponsorship is when businesses and companies provide funds, resources or services to a club in return for rights and/or associations with the club. These rights or associations help the business commercially. 

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Fundraising is the process that your club undertakes to secure additional funds. It shouldn’t be considered in order to pay for the everyday operational costs of the club. Rather it should fund special activities such as new buildings, special events, overseas team trips, and new programmes or projects.

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Grants are funds received from statutory, voluntary or philanthropic agencies established with the primary purpose of giving grants. They give grants to meet their own objectives and strategies, such as government policy, community development, or supporting the local community.

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