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Where to start?

This information is designed to help you if:
- You are leaving school and want to keep playing netball;
- You have just moved to Wellington and want to play netball;
- You are returning to netball after a break;
- You want to get into coaching, managing, umpiring, bench officiating or becoming a coach developer

We have a number of playing options available for serious premier to potential representative players to the more social player.

Our Premier 1 winter competition comprises our top college and club teams.  It feeds up into the ANZ Premiership teams, National Netball League (feeder to Premiership) and representative teams. 

Our lower Senior grades in our winter competition appeal more to social players.  Some teams opt to train, others do not - it really comes down to which club you choose.

Our Twilight, College and Intermediate leagues offer social and competitive womens and mixed grades played on a week night.  Teams don't tend to train and we welcome teams made up of friends, co-workers and individuals.

If you are keen to play Saturday winter netball…

                                                                                     ... and want to play at a competitive level
* If you are attending college you are encouraged to play for your own college team in the first instance.  Approach your school Sport Coordinator to find out more.  Colleges that play within our winter competition are listed below.
* If you're a school-leaver you will need to look for a club.  It is good to trial at a club which has a range of teams within each grade so that you get a feel for where you belong and slot in correctly for your skill level.  Our winter competition runs from early May to late August.  Within the Netball Wellington Centre competition we have a number of grades ranging from Premier 1 (top), Premier 2, Premier 3, Premier Reserve 1 down to Premier Reserve 4 followed by Senior 1 to Senior 6.  Premier grades play 4 x 15 minute quarters games while Premier Reserve down to Senior grades play 4 x 10 minute quarter games.  Check out the club websites/Facebook pages listed further down this page.  We suggest you contact the club and don’t be afraid to ask questions about coaches, trainings, fitness opportunities and club social activities on offer etc.  It is important to find a club where you will feel comfortable and can play at the level that will help you develop your play however best suits you.
* If attending school yet wishing to play for a club, notification should be given to your college.  Best to enquire with your school sport coordinator.  Request a Player College to Club Notification via email to games@netballwellington.co.nz.  College teams play within our Premier to Premier Reserve grades and then filter through into our Collegiate 1 to 5 grades followed by our Junior Collegiate 1 to 2 grades for Year 9 & 10 teams.

                                                                                  … and just want to play for fun and exercise
You could look for a club which offers teams in senior grades.  Please remember that when joining a club it is optimal if you can commit to remain a part of a team for the whole season however as in any circumstance flexibility is possible with open communication.  Contact the club and don’t be afraid to ask questions about grades, trainings and club activities etc.  The club may require you to attend trials. Don’t be put off as it is a good way to get a feel for how the club operates and to work out if it is what you are looking for... not to mention meet new people!  If you want to play in a more social grade make it clear from the start so that the club can place you in the right team.  It is important to find a club where you will feel comfortable and where you can play at a level that you will enjoy.

                                                                              … and would rather play with a group of your own friends
You could approach a club and ask to enter a team under their umbrella.  You will have to pay their fees and will be subject to any rules they have in place.  We do have “member teams” which are teams playing as single team clubs.  If you want to set this up you will need to consult with our Community Competitions Officer via email to games@netballwellington.co.nz prior to April of the competition year.  The cost is stated in our NWC Rules (this season's rules are under review - to be finalised) and involves a one-off affiliation fee as well as an annual registration fee per team for the season.  Fees cover a maximum of 10 players however additional players can be registered for an extra fee per player.  Alternatively you may register and deregister players to maintain no more than 10 players with efficient team management.  Remember you will also need to decide upon a playing uniform, purchase and order them in time for the start of the season (if necessary) and ensure it is registered with our Centre.  Please check with Netball Wellington Centre before ordering as uniform registrations need to be approved by the Centre.  This helps ensure uniforms remain unique and do not too closely resemble others already in circulation.  To apply for a new uniform or amend an existing uniform email games@netballwellington.co.nz.

If you are keen to play social netball - join our social weeknight leagues...
If intermediate age (Year 7&8) age, view our Intermediate Comp information page here.  Intermediate Comp is offered on Wednesdays/Thursdays after school in Term 1 & 4 at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.
* If college age (Year 9-13), view our College Comp information page here.  College Comp is offered on Wednesdays/Thursdays after school in Term 1& 4 at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre. The adult Twilight league is also open to all college players. Year 9 and 10’s can play as part of an adult team, not enter their own team unless dispensation has been granted. Year 11-13 can enter their team in any twilight competition.  View more information via the link below.
* If Year 11 up to adult, view our Twilight Competition information page here.  Twilight leagues run on Wednesdays and Thursdays inside at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre throughout the year and outside at the Hataitai Netball Courts on Mondays in Terms 1 and 4.  We welcome individual players to sign up via our online form and we'll do our best to connect you with a team.  Follow the Individuals Registration button to complete the form via the above link.

If you are a current or former representative player transferring from another region... please contact us directly so that we can perhaps add you to our Emerging Talent player database and keep you in touch with player development opportunities and representative trial dates for your age group.  Please email our Community Performance Manager at eto@netballwellington.co.nz

If you are a male keen to continue playing... we'd be keen to hear from you as we would love to get men's and/or mixed competitive leagues up and running in the near future.  If you email games@netballwellington.co.nz we can add you to our mailing list.  We offer the opportunity to play mixed Twilight with games played on Wednesdays and Thursdays indoors at the Ākau Tangi Sports Centre throughout the year and outdoors at the Hataitai Netball Courts on Mondays in Terms 1 and 4 (court availability permitting).  If college or intermediate age, we welcome you to play in our College or Intermediate Comps on a Wednesday or Thursday from 4pm to 6.30pm at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre in Terms 1 & 4.  For College Comp click here.  For Intermediate Comp click here.  We intend to reoffer a Mixed College Competition (as initiated in 2022) for Year 9 & 10 played at Hataitai during the regular Saturday winter season.  If interested email games@netballwellington.co.nz.  If seeking contacts to join local Wellington-based Men's and Mixed Netball Associations click here.

If you are returning from injury/surgery, have had a baby or seek a less physical form of netball... join us for Low Impact Netball.  Held Monday nights in Term 1 & 4 and Friday nights in Term 2 & 3 indoors from at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.  Individuals and groups welcome to turn up on the night and pay $5 cash to play.  Find more information here.

If you'd like a netball tournament experience... there are plenty of tournament opportunities dotted around New Zealand and abroad for a range of ages and skill levels to attend so you can combine a love of netball with travel.  Whether you qualify as a master and are up for some Masters Games action or at school and keen to experience a school sports-exchange or looking for pre or post-season fixtures, you'll find a range of suggestions for your netball road-trip here.

And if playing isn't your thing then there are other great avenues to explore...

Try coaching or managing... find yourself a team to connect with and benefit from attending online and in-person coach/manager development opportunities by viewing more information here. Email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz to be pointed in the right direction.

Try umpiring... start/continue your umpiring pathway, extend your skills, get allocated to Saturday games or earn extra pocket money umpiring for our social leagues by viewing more information here. Learn more about how to get involved in umpiring including working your way up our Netball Wellington Centre Umpire Pathway here. Email admin@netballwellington.co.nz and we'll put you on the right track.

Try bench/technical officiating... put your analytical, methodical or mathmatical skills to good use on the score bench! Learn a little more about what's involved here or email admin@netballwellington.co.nz and we'll get you started.

Explore being a coach developer... if you're passionate about supporting coaches & positively impacting a love for netball you may not realise it but you are effectively a Coach Developer! Coach Developers fulfil the following roles:
Connect coaches – online/in person, informal/formal learning
Offer 1:1 mentoring - be a sounding board
Help coaches reflect & grow – check-in, observe, provide feedback
Inform - promote & spread the word about coach development opportunities on offer in your club/school
Facilitate coach workshops - educate others based around content carefully prepared by Netball NZ with free training and support provided. To find out more email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz.

Clubs that play as part of the Netball Wellington Centre Winter Competition

Club NameEmailWebsite &
Facebook links
Potential # of teams for 2024Anticipated playing Grade/s offered
Ab Fabsraewynsimonsen1@gmail.comNo website or Facebook1Senior 3
Karori Netball Clubkarorinetball@gmail.comWebsite
2Prem Res 1
Kia Ora Netball Club


13Prem 2, 3
Prem Res 2, 3
Senior 1, 2, 3, 4
Marist St Pats (MSP) Netballmspnetball@outlook.comWebsite
2Prem Res 4
Senior 1
Misfitsrachel.vandoorn@gmail.comNo website or Facebook1Senior 3
Newlands College Old Girls (NCOG)tcarroll@newlands.school.nzNo website

Prem 3
Prem Res 4

Ngā Mokopuna Pakeke Netball Clubngamokopunapakekenetball@gmail.com



Prem Res 2
Senior 2, 3, 4

Oriental Rongotai (Ories) Netball Cluboriesnetball@gmail.comWebsite
6Prem 3
Prem Res 3
Senior 1, 3, 4
P.I.C. Netball Clubpresident@picnetball.org.nzWebsite
5Prem 1, 2 & 3
St Catherine’s Old Girls (SCOG)scognetball@yahoo.co.nzWebsite
2Senior 3, 4
St Mary’s Old Girls (SMOG)smognetball@gmail.comWebsite
10Prem 1, 2, 3
Prem Res 2,
Senior 1, 2
Team Vic Netball (Victoria University)teamvicnetball@gmail.comWebsite
14Prem 2, 3
Prem Res 1, 3, 4
Senior 1, 2, 3, 4
Wellington East Netball Clubeastnetball@gmail.comWebsite
13Prem 1, 2
Prem Res 1, 2, 4
Senior 1, 2, 3
Wellington Northern United (WNU)kimtauroa@hotmail.comNo website or Facebook1Prem Res 1
Wellington Wildcatsmaraina.hak@gmail.comNo website or Facebook1Senior 4

Colleges that play as part of our Netball Wellington Centre Winter Competition

Newlands College
Onslow College
Queen Margaret College
Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Scots College
St Mary's College
St Catherine's College
Tawa College
Wellington East Girls' College
Wellington Girls' College
Wellington High School

Grades may also be subject to change in the instance of individual club member numbers fluctuating or decreasing from year to year.  The highest starting grade for new clubs/teams entering into our NWC Winter Competition is Senior 1.  Teams then work their way up from there.

Those interested in playing netball at primary, intermediate or college level should contact their school Sports Coordinator for further information.

If you are not based in the Wellington City area...
There are four other Netball Centres within the greater Wellington region you may like to make contact with:
Netball Hutt Valley Centre (covers Petone, Wainuiomata, Eastbourne, Lower and Upper Hutt)
Kapi Mana Netball Centre or Kapi Mana Netball Centre (covers Whitby, Porirua, Titahi Bay)
Coastlands Netball Kapiti (covers Raumati, Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Paekakariki + Otaki)
Netball Wairarapa (covers Masterton, Featherston, Carterton, Greytown, Martinborough)
Each Centre organises their own club, collegiate and/or primary competitions, programmes and events for players in their area.  We welcome you to click on each of the links above to be redirected to their website to familiarise yourself with where they are based and find out more about local netball clubs on offer in these areas.

If you have any further enquiries please contact our Community Games Coordinator via email to games@netballwellington.co.nz