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June 2024
So exciting to see Marly Howard appointed to umpire the 2024 Synergy Hair NNL final and Caleb Binns as reserve. What an honour and tribute to your umpiring this season.

Congratulations to our four Wellington officials all bound for the U18 Champs held in Dunedin in July:
Umpires Rhys Egan & Sinéad Washington
Panel Lead Ann Hay
Umpire Coach Kelly Herbert
Well done on your work put in to achieve selection & all the best on your journey!

Congratulations to all umpires who have passed their NZ Theory. Special mention to Keila Guiney and Bella Revell (now residing in Hamilton to attend Uni and still very much part of our umpire group). Thanks to the super tutors Courtney McCrostie alongside Hayes Andrew for their mahi in supporting these umpires in successfully passing this exam. Teamwork helps to make dreams a reality.

May 2024
Congratulations to the following Netball Wellington umpires who after 6 weeks of theory with their super tutor Briar Pawson - have passed their Zone Theory Umpire Exam:
​​​​​​​Gavin Reid
Jess Starke
Paige Mitipelo-Moriarty
Pamela Johnson

Well done to all of the NCZ umpires. This is a fantastic achievement everyone. We look forward to seeing what is next for you in your umpiring journey. Keep up the mahi everyone.

April 2024
Congratulations to Hayes Andrew who has been recently selected into the National Umpire Squad.

​​​​​​​March 2024
Congratulations to Caleb Binns for your selection into the National Umpire Squad for another year. We look forward to seeing you in action over the 2024 season and beyond.

Well done to Gareth Fowler appointed to World Netball Officiating Advisory Panel.

January 2024
Congratulations to our umpires selected in the 2024 NNZ National Squad: Caleb Binns and Marly Howard. This pair have earned the honour of officiating during the 2024 ANZ Premiership and National Netball League. Proud of you as you make great strides at this high level!

Congratulations to our umpires selected in the 2024 NNZ Zone Watchlist: Amelia Wheeler, Hayes Andrew, Lockie McLaren joined by Kelly Herbert in the role of Umpire Coach with a special welcome also to Morgan Craig relocating from Mainland. These individuals are committed to working towards confidently umpiring at National Netball League level. All the best in achieving your goals!

We congratulate Netball Wellington Centre umpires selected in the 2024 Netball Central Zone Umpire Squads. The Advanced Squad continues its strong focus on preparing umpires for NZ Opens, NZSS, Watchlist, and National Squad selection. The squad is made up of talented umpires who have demonstrated their ability at NNZ & local events in 2023.
Zone Advanced Squad - Amelia Wheeler, Hayes Andrew, Lockie McLaren
U18 Developing Squad - Briar Pawson, Rhys Egan, Sinéad Washington

September 2023
Congratulations Amelia Wheeler and Hayes Andrew for appointment as umpires at 2023 NZ Secondary Schools Netball Champs.

Congratulations Marly Howard on being appointed for 3&4 play off and Reserve for the NNZ Open Champs final. Also to Myron Elkington for umpiring the final. What a wonderful achievement for you both.

Congratulations Amelia Wheeler on a great week umpiring at the NNZ Open Champs in Dunedin. The mahi you have done prior and during has earnt you your NZB award. Well done.

June 2023
Congratulations to Kirsten Lloyd on the extension of her International Testing Panel (ITP) Cadet Status. You are a wealth of knowledge that we know we are so lucky to have here at the Centre.

Congratulations to Wellington umpires Rhys Egan and Courtney McCrostie who have been selected to umpire at the Netball New Zealand U18 Champs in Hamilton in July.  Congrats also to 
AJ Brown, Donna Plasmeyer & Felicity Hughes - Taranaki
Melissa Price. Desterney Reid & Liam Minhinnick - Manawatu
Hayley Taylor & Al Fox - Netball Hutt Valley Centre
Tapeni Simmons - Kapi Mana Netball Centre
An exciting opportunity for you all and one that we know you will all enjoy and make the most of.

May 2023
Congratulations to Helen Moriarty, Ella Barr & Summer Fraser who passed their Zone Umpire Theory Exam.  Shout out to Briar Pawson and Rhys Egan for their amazing tutoring too.

Congratulations to Marly Howard and Caleb Binns who controlled the Synergy Hair Netball League Final at TSB Arena, with Gracey Farquharson as their reserve.  It's a huge honour being appointed to a final and you did so well.

Congratulations to these new NZ A Umpire Award holders
Gracey Farquharson
Caleb Binns

We look forward to supporting you as a Centre to progress further in your umpire pathway.

March 2023
Congratulations on Synergy Hair National League umpire debut:
Amelia Wheeler
Hayes Andrew
Lockie McLaren

These appointments take a lot of hard mahi and it is wonderful to see you all get this opportunity. Enjoy this moment.

Congratulations on ANZ Premiership umpire debut:
Marly Howard
The mahi you have done and continue to do is coming to fruition. Enjoy!

February 2023
Congratulations to latest Netball NZ Service Award recipient, Kirsten Lloyd. When doing this nomination, we were celebrating and acknowledging just how much Kirsten has done and continues to do in and around the netball community NZ wide.This is a well deserved recognition to Kirsten for the commitment and dedication she gives to the umpiring community.

Congratulations to the following Umpires named for the 2023 Netball World Cup in SA:
From Netball Central Zone: Angela Armstrong-Lush, Gareth Fowler, Ken Metekingi, Joshua Bowring (returned to Aus) and Kristie Simpson from Southland.  Congrats also to Umpire Appointment Panel Member David Pala’amo.  Well deserved everyone.

World Netball is pleased to announce that, as per the procedures a review of the International Netball Umpire Award (INUA) Testing Panel (ITP) whose status was due to expire at end January 2023 has been completed.The outcome is the following appointments are now renewed for these voluntary roles with either a 2 or 3 year term:
Oceania   ITP Cadet   Kirsten Lloyd

World Netball has today announced the appointments of three World Netball Officiating Coordinators:
Vaneisha Cadogan
Alan Anderson

Ann Hay

December 2022
The Netball Central Zone umpire selectors have confirmed the umpires selected for both Zone umpire squads for 2023. The Advanced Squad continues its strong focus of preparing umpires for NZ Opens, NZSS, Watchlist and National Squad selection. The squad is made up of 7 talented umpires who have demonstrated their ability at NNZ events in 2022. We welcome Megan Jamieson into the squad, who umpired the final at NNZ U18 championships and performed very well at NZSS. Caleb Binns, who was in the 2022 Advanced Squad has been selected into the national squad for 2023.

The developing squad has evolved into an U18 Squad which extends the reach of the programme. The purpose of the squad is to prepare the umpires to perform well at U18’s, and to grow an awareness of what is required from a performance umpire. (note umpires not in this squad are eligible for U18 selection) The U18 squad has 3 umpire coaches who will lead the programme, Kate Smith, Greg Barbet and Sarah Littler.

Advanced Squad 2023
Amelia Wheeler (Wellington)
Hayes Andrew (Wellington)

Jamie Manuel (Manawatu)
Jane Hickmott (Taranaki)
Jessica Williams (Manawatu)
Lockie McLaren (Wellington)
Megan Jamieson (Wellington)

U18 Squad 2023
AJ Brown (Taranaki)
Aleisha Cotton (Manawatu)
Briar Pawson (Wellington)
Desterney Reid (Manawatu)
Donna Plasmeyer (Taranaki)
Felicity Hughes (Taranaki)
Frances Bacon (Horowhenua/Manawatu)
Hayley Taylor (Hutt Valley)
Jasmine Persson (Manawatu)
Kyra Tikitiki (Manawatu)
Melissa Price (Manawatu)
Neriah Kaihe-Woolston (Wellington/Manawatu)
Sarah Orr (Manawatu)
Tapeni Simmons (Kapi Mana/Wellington)
Toni Manuel (Manawatu)

November 2022
Congratulations to the 2023 NNZ Watchlist
Hayes Andrew (Netball Central)*
Scott Bailey (Netball Northern)
Morgan Craig (Netball Mainland)
Lockie McLaren (Netball Central)
Connor Pascoe (Netball Waikato/Bay of Plenty)*
Rebecca Reside (Netball Mainland)*
Alannah Robinson (Netball South)*
Amelia Wheeler (Netball Central)*
* new selection

Great to see Gracey Farquharson umpiring the Men's Fast5 games and Kirsten Lloyd as umpire coach for the umpires appointed to the Men's games.

Congratulations to the exciting blend of talent named by Netball New Zealand (NNZ) in its 14-strong 2023 National Umpire Squad to officiate next year’s domestic leagues.  With one Synergy Hair Netball League match under his belt, Caleb Binns joins the squad for the first time. “We’re delighted with the make-up of our squad for next year,” NNZ National Technical Officials Manager Garratt Williamson said.  “We have focussed on building depth and experience in our team over the past few years and are really excited with our personnel heading into 2023”. 
2023 National Umpire Squad (games in brackets)
Angela Armstrong-Lush (ANZ 108, NNL 1)
Caleb Binns (NNL 1)
Myron Elkington (ANZP 28, NNL 25)
Gracey Farquharson (ANZP 3, NNL 32)
Tania Fink (ANZP 29, NNL 14)
Gareth Fowler (ANZP 79, NNL 6)
Marlissa Howard (NNL 12)
Sasha McLeod (ANZP 47, NNL 16)
Ken Metekingi (ANZP 56, NNL 12)
Zak Middleton (ANZP 6, NNL 39)
Cory Nicholls (ANZP 25, NNL 28)
Kristie Simpson (ANZP 125, NNL 1)
Michelle Stagg (ANZP 3, NNL 20)
Wids Wilson (NNL 6)
​​​​​​​*Kiani Smith has not been selected for 2023 due to injury.

September 2022
Congratulations to our local umpires attending the 2022 FUJIFILM Business Innovation NZ Secondary Schools Netball Champs held 11-14 October at Te Rauparaha Arena in Porirua:
Caleb Binns – Central, Wellington
Megan Jamison – Central, Wellington
Lockie McLaren – Central, Wellington
Amelia Wheeler – Central, Wellington

August 2022
Congratulations to umpires attending Netball New Zealand Open Champs held 6-10 September in Palmerston North:
Hayes Andrew (Wellington)
Caleb Binns (Wellington)
Jane Hickmott (Taranaki)
Marly Howard (Wellington)
Lockie McLaren (Wellington)
Jessica Williams (Manawatu)
Ann Hay and Kirsten Lloyd (both Wellington) appointed as coaches.

Angela Armstong-Lush & Gareth Fowler umpired the gold medal match between Jamaica and Australia at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Epic to see our umpires representing on the world stage too!

Congratulations to the following umpires on their achievements gained throughout 2022:
Intro badge - Lynda Rabeni-VatulokaAshleigh Gore, Kate Eyles, Helen Moriarty, and Luke Pearson-Mcgruer
Centre badge - Hanna Lynch, Ella Barr, Kate Hemsley, Luke Pearson-Mcgruer, and Helen Moriarty
Zone Theory - Hanna Lynch and Luke Pearson-Mcgruer
Zone Badge - Rhys Egan, Claudia Hatfield, Jen Rozendaal, Hanna Lynch
Zone Endorsement - John Neho
NZ Theory - Meg Fahey and Nicolette Walker
NZ Endorsement - Megan Jamieson and Geoff Howard
NZA Badge - Marly Howard

June 2022
Congratulations to the following umpires & umpire coaches appointed to the 2022 Celebration Box NNZ U18 Champs:
​​​​​​​Wellington - Megan Jamieson, Briar PawsonNeriah Kaihe-WoolstonNathaniel Picking (reserve), Kelly Herbert (coach), Ann Hay (coach)
Kapi Mana/Wellington - Tapeni Simmons

November 2021
Congratulations to Caleb Binns, Lockie McLaren and Amelia Wheeler who have been named to attend the 2021 Netball Central Zone Advanced Development Camp taking place in Palmerston North 20-21 November.  They are part of a group of seven umpires selected from our Netball Central Zone joining Jane Hickmott from Taranaki and Jamie Manuel, Jessica Williams & Aleisha Cotton from Manawatu.  After attending this camp, umpires may then be invited to Netball New Zealand's National Development Camp in January where they receive additional support ahead of possible appointment to NZ Secondary School and NNZ Open tournaments in 2022.  Best wishes & well done as you embrace this exciting opportunity to broaden your skill sets!

October 2021
We're very proud to celebrate the following recipients of our 2021 Netball Wellington Centre Umpire Awards:
Contribution to Umpiring (Freda Maurirere Trophy) - Caleb Binns
Most Improved Umpire (Kirsten Lloyd Trophy) - Megan Fahey
Junior Umpire of the Year (Barbara Fabish Trophy) - Skyla Hosking
Umpire of the Year (Denise Young Trophy) - Josh Bowring
ell done to the four of you - remarkable accolades for all your hard work throughout the season!

September 2021
Congratulations to Emma Blake, Courtney McCrostie, and Tasman Hughes for passing the NZ theory exam!  Well done to everyone who took the step to sit it. A huge effort by all of you. Thanks also to our super tutors Caleb Binns and Amelia Wheeler. Love your mahi everyone.

August 2021
Congratulations to all of the Netball Central Zone umpires and in particular our NWC umpires: Amelia Wheeler, Caleb Binns, Lockie McLaren, and Marly Howard for being appointed to the Netball NZ Open Champs in September.  And where there are Umpires, there are Umpire Coaches!  Congratulations to Kirsten Lloyd named as part of the umpire coaching panel for the event.

Massive congrats to Claudia Hatfield, Jen Rozendaal, Rhys Egan, and Becky Butler from Netball Wellington Centre on passing their Zone Theory. Also, shout out to super tutors Caleb Binns and Amelia Wheeler. We love the mahi and commitment you as individuals and others are giving towards developing your umpiring. Great work team.

​​​​​​​Congratulations Megan Fahey for achieving your Zone award. Well deserve award after the mahi you have put in over the 2021 season.

July 2021
World Netball are pleased to announce that Kirsten Lloyd has been given International Umpires’ Award Testing Panel (ITP) Cadet status, following a recommendation from Netball New Zealand in line with World Netball procedures.  Congratulations, Kirsten!

Congratulations to our fabulous NWC Umpires Amelia Wheeler, Briar Pawson, Genevieve Coleman, Megan Jamieson along with Umpire Coach Panel member Kelly Herbert and Umpire Coach Developer Ann Hay - all set to strut their stuff and do us proud at the Netball NZ U18 Champs in Rotorua 19-22 July. Enjoy!

Congratulations to the following NWC Umpires selected to attend the North Island Junior Championships in New Plymouth  11-13 July: John Neho, Megan Fahey, Claudia Hatfield and Tapeni Simmons.

June 2021
Thank you to our Umpire Coaches who attended the 2021 Marjorie Jenden Tournament over the weekend – Caleb Binns, Lockie McLaren, Ann Hay, Sarah Littler, Kelly Herbert and Sue Geale for their sideline support.

May 2021
Super excited to see our umpires getting well deserved opportunities this year which sadly COVID19 put on hold last year. Congratulations Lockie McLaren for your appointment as Reserve umpire on Saturday 1 May National League game at ASB Sports Centre. He reserved for Gracey Farquharson and Michelle Stagg.  Exciting to see so many of our NWC umpires there in support of all three umpires.  Great work team umpires!

Fantastic to see netball umpires represented amidst this year's Dominion Post Sport and Recreation Awards!
We extend hearty congratulations to our own successful NWC nominees:
* Official of the Year - Josh Bowring
as well as finalists nominated from our wider netball community:
* Official of the Year - Gareth Fowler (Netball Hutt Valley)
With more than 170 nominations put forward for consideration, making the final list is an honour in itself! It's also an incredible testament to the positive impact that sport and recreation makes in the Wellington region. Winners will be announced at the Awards night on 23 June. All the best to all finalists!

At the Pulse home game on 15 May it was a sad but happy occasion to celebrate Ann Hay and her amazing umpiring career. The contribution Ann has made to the netball and umpiring community, not only in the knowledge she shares, but in the passion and the fun she brings into everything she does is something that will be sorely missed on the court. We know this isn't the end of seeing Ann around the courts and we look forward to seeing what your next journey will be both on and off the court Ann.  We are so grateful for everything you’ve given to all of our NWC and Wgtn region umpires and the game of netball Ann. We are also extremely grateful to Matt, Sarah, James and Olivia for keeping home in order so you could do what you have, locally, regionally, NZ wide and Internationally. Congratulations on a well deserved and earnt retirement Ann.

Congratulations Marly Howard on your ANZ Reserve Debut. Proud moment and just-reward for the mahi you have put into your umpiring!

Congratulations to the following umpires who achieved the following umpire awards:
Introductory Practical Assessment - Rhys Egan and Rebecca Butler
Centre Practical Assessment - Jennifer Rozendaal
NNZ Zone Theory Exam - Aaron Hailwood, Jourdan Craig, Anna Hill ​​​​​​​and Isabella Revell
NNZ C Practical - Genevieve Coleman

Hutt Valley Sports Awards Offiicial of the Year - Gareth Fowler (Netball Hutt Valley)

April 2021
We are excited to celebrate our umpires who have reached milestones - Marly Howard had her NNL debut after a year of waiting due to Covid. She got to celebrate that great achievement with fellow Central Umpire Gracey Farquharson. Caleb Binns had his first reserve duty on NNL, he was reserving fellow Central Umpires Myron Elkington and Jess Lea. We look forward to following your umpiring journey!

January 2021
The International Netball Federation has announced its umpire appointments for the Cadbury Netball Series Constellation Cup and we are delighted to spot a couple of familiar names from our neck of the woods. 
UAPs           Fay Meiklejohn
Umpires     Joshua Bowring
                    Gareth Fowler
                    Kristie Simpson
The Cadbury Netball Series Constellation Cup will take place at the Christchurch Arena in Christchurch and the Trustpower Baypark Arena in Tauranga, New Zealand from the 2nd to 7th March 2021. Here's wishing Josh & Gareth all the best!

November 2020 
Netball New Zealand has celebrated the sport’s community volunteers at the Cadbury Netball Series against England, announcing this year’s Cadbury Volunteer of the Year award winners. 
Jason Pope, Amelia Wheeler, Jo Morriss, Georgia Trent and Dana Turnbull were presented with their awards during the third Test between the Silver Ferns and English Roses at Claudelands Arena in Hamilton – recognition for their contribution to the sport in one of the most demanding years for grassroots netball. 
Young Wellington umpire, Amelia Wheeler, was named as Cadbury Volunteer Official of the Year having been described as a ‘real ambassador’ of the game from a young age. 
Wheeler is an umpire coach for player umpires in Wellington East and is a board intern who provides not only the youth voice but the umpires’ voice at board meetings. 
She tutors the New Zealand and Zone theory classes and helped to set up online classes when COVID restrictions disrupted the season.