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Focus on theory including rule understanding and discussion as well as practical activities including whistle-blowing, scenarios and best-practice positioning on court.  All genders from Year 8+ welcome to attend.

Offered in January and April each year

Two free workshops offered to umpires at secondary school who are keen to learn more about techniques to make umpiring easier, what obstrution looks like and how we penalise it correctly and what contact looks like and how we penalise it correctly. All experience welcome. Access sign-up link via button above.
Saturday 6 & 27 July 2024

Our College and Intermediate Comps are a great way to develop your confidence as an advanced Kiwi Whistler, progress towards your Introductory Badge and beyond and keep up your skills and fitness in the pre/off-season while making yourself a little pocket-money!

Aimed at new and returning player-umpires and qualified umpires.  Build confidence, refresh your umpire knowledge prior to the start of the season and gain answers to fiddly scenarios that crop up. For Year 8 upwards - FREE to attend.

Offered in April & May each year
Subject to change in 2024 as priority given to New Rule Sessions

Sport Tutor is designed for all who are involved in netball including coaches, umpires, volunteers, and players and is a great access point for free online workshops and resources.  Access the New Player/Umpire online module via the above link (replaces old Centre Theory Test)

Premier 1-3 grade only - Wednesday 13 March
Premier & Premier Reserve grades (virtual) - Thursday 14 March or Monday 18 March
Senior & Collegiate grades (virtual) - Thursday 21 March
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Satellite Year 5-8 grades (virtual) - sign-up link to come - Tuesday 26 March or Wednesday 3 April

These sessions will explain twelve key rule changes identified by World Netball as part of the 2024 Rules Update.Aimed at better understanding for umpires, players, coaches, managers, scorers, parents and supporters.​​​​​​​