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​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Media Communication and Marketing

​​​​​​​Marketing is the ability to talk about what makes your club unique and appealing to a target market. There are two main forms of marketing a club: formal and informal.


Formal marketing can increase a club's profile and membership in a particular area. Listing your club in the telephone directory, advertising membership registrations in the local newspaper, offering a discount on court hire prices, or redecorating the club facilities are all examples of formal marketing activities. These formal marketing activities should be recorded and planned for in a club's marketing plan.


This involves the little things club management and members do everyday – like offering help and providing information to prospective customers over the phone, or encouraging their friends to join up

Both forms of marketing rely on club members talking positively about the club. So it is important to try and make every experience or contact with your club a positive and rewarding one.


Everyone in the club should be involved in informal marketing whenever they can. Encourage your members to tell their friends and family about what the club can offer.

For formal marketing, it's useful to appoint a marketing and promotions officer, or a small team to oversee the development and implementation of the cub's marketing strategies.

Please see the attached Marketing and Communications for Clubs document.


The club will have difficulty surviving if the membership isn’t continually growing. That doesn't mean you must keep adding members for the sake of it. But if you want your club to grow, or even to retain current numbers, you must consider strategies to ensure you have new members joining up.

Your marketing plans will play a big part in attracting new members. The marketing and communications section of Clubkit on Sport NZ Website has more information on marketing your club.