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It might be that you finished your Kiwi Whistler training and are wondering "where to next?"...

Maybe you were a great player but now wish to turn your hand to striding the sideline with whistle in hand or even becoming a bench official...

You may fancy expanding your netball knowledge and aspire to become a high level umpire appointed to local, regional, national and even international tournaments...

​​​​​​​Or perhaps you wish to make some pocket money umpiring for our social twilight, teen competitions...

Whether you come with an umpire qualification and an interest in progressing along the Netball NZ Umpire Pathway or are a player who fancies furthering your court-side skill and confidence or are looking to turn your prowess of the netball rules into some quick cash on a casual basis - get in touch and let us know and we shall help you achieve your goals.

We offer opportunities such as:
Intermediate Comp for players in Year 7&8 suited to Kiwi Whistler & Introductory Umpire Award
College Comp for players in Year 9-13 suited to competent Introductory & Centre Umpire Award
Twilight social leagues for competent Introductory & Centre Umpire Award and upwards
Winter competition for a variety of umpires from Introductory, Centre, Zone and NZ Umpire Awards
Representative trials open to umpires with Centre & Zone Umpire Awards and upwards
U14 & U16 representative tournaments attended by umpires with Centre & Zone Umpire Award and upwards appointed by Netball Wellington Centre
U18 & Open Grade representative tournaments attended by umpires with NZ Badge and appointed by Netball New Zealand

Whatever your motivatation, we welcome umpires of all levels to get in touch and register to join our Centre where you will receive further information, guidance and support as you are welcomed into the fold by our dedicated group of umpires from all walks of life.

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Register today to become one of a team of fun-loving umpires and gain a fresh perspective on the game with a whistle in your hand!  

The information collected in the registration process will be used to maintain our database of umpires and help us with appointing games in our competitions.  Any information collected will only be used by Netball Wellington Centre and the NWC Umpire Advisory Panel.

For further enquiries please email our Community Development Officer John Neho on admin@netballwellington.co.nz or phone 387 6017.