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Rules of Netball

Download here:
Online - PDFs below

The Rules remain at all times the property of World Netball and copies of the Rules downloaded via this link are strictly not for sale or re-print.

If you would like to purchase a Rules of Netball book these are available from Netball Wellington Centre (once 2024 edition in stock) or from World Netball via the World Netball Shop.  

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​​​​​​​Starting Out Umpiring Netball

Please bear in mind - Netball NZ need to incorporate 2024 rule updates into existing publications which may take time.

Netball New Zealand 's 19-page resource covering the introductory basics such as:

  • Where do I start
  • Reading the game
  • Scoring
  • Dual control
  • Protocols
  • Starting the game
  • Substitutions & team changes
  • Summary of sanctions
  • Hand Signals

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Learning to Umpire - Player/New Umpire module

The NNZ Learning to Umpire Module for New Umpires and Player Umpires replaces the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory test. This module is the first step towards the Centre Umpire Award or a pre-requisite for some Centres for Player Umpires.

The module helps New and Player Umpires understand some of the rules of netball as well as some practical techniques to enhance their umpiring.​​​​​​​

To learn more about how to sign-up and enrol for this module see guide below.

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Netball NZ Online Learning - How to Guide for Learning to Umpire module (outlined above)

This guide covers how to navigate the Learning to Umpire Module for New and Player Umpires online module via Netball New Zealand's online learning portal named Sport Tutor.

Netball NZ (NNZ) Online Learning is designed for everyone involved in Netball including coaches, umpires, volunteers, and players.  Find your favourite Netball modules and resources as well as discover new learning experiences. Explore training in leadership, injury prevention, performance enhancement, coaching tools/tips for all age groups, umpiring and more.  Access a range of delivery options including webinars, face to face learning, interactive modules and videos to gain new knowledge or refresh your skill set. It’s a place to keep track of your own learning journey and qualifications.

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Scorecard Template

Mock up of traditional scorecard used prior to Sporty app.
​​​​​​​Helpful training tool for new umpires familiarising themselves with scoring odds & evens.

Click image to download editable spreadsheet.

UmpireSmart warm-up & at-home fitness

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Warming up before umpiring netball prepares the body and mind for the upcoming activity. Netball umpiring requires a high degree of physical capability to cope with the unique umpiring movement patterns. Complete this warm up to ensure you are well prepared to umpire. Includes key exercises to do at home to help prepare for umpiring.

This UmpireSmart resource has 2 prescribed levels based on your current fitness level, available time &motivation. How relatable!

  • Level 1 = minimum training movements you should be doing as a community umpire
  • Level 2 = if fitter & motivated to increase your umpiringability, give this a go!

Each programme aims to improve your fitness, movement capability + decrease injury risk PLUS offers variety - circuits, interval running/cycling, core &stability.
At least 30 minutes per day for best gains.

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Two 15 minute umpire-specific HITT workouts to in support of at-home umpire fitness thanks to England Netball

Umpire Essentials