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Umpiring Rules 101 sessions

Perfect for all our affiliated school, club and satellite umpires, player-umpires, coaches, managers and parents!

Our NWC winter netball season starts next Sat 27 April!
All teams playing Premier, Prem Reserve, Senior (1-3) will be called upon for player-umpire duty.
Collegiate & Junior Collegiate grades are instead required to provide their own umpire for their game.
So don’t just bury your head in the sand and hope you don’t get rostered on… get ready!

These online sessions aim to help build confidence, refresh your umpire knowledge prior to the start of the season and gain answers to any fiddly questions or scenarios you may have experienced in the past. Also discusses interpretation of recently updated rules.

Umpiring Rules 101
presented by NWC Umpire Group member Briar Pawson
Focus on the 7-a-side game rules used during our NWC Winter Competition

  • Tuesday 23 April 2024 6.30pm to 8.30pm online
  • Wednesday 22 May 2024 6.30pm to 8.30pm online

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To view the presentation slides click here​​​​​​​

Umpiring Rules workshop for Year 5-8 game
presented by Sue Geale
Focus on 6-a-side and 7-a-side gamerules used in our three Junior Satellite competitions

Wednesday 15 May 2024 6.30pm to 8pm online

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To view the presentation slides click here​​​​​​​

NB: proposed dates may be subject to change to accommodate facilitator availability.
Content repeated - attendance at one (not both) recommended.
Register in advance to aid faciliator preparation.  Numbers may need to be capped for quality-control.

FREE FOR ALL TO ATTEND - register via links above
Session may be recorded and shared at a later date - see links above once available.

Session covers:
* Rules of the game
* Tips on how to handle over-zealous spectators
* Come to grips with how to become more confident on the side line
* Talk through fiddly situations or scenarios
* Pick up some hand signals, learn where best to position yourself and how to blow your whistle correctly
* Talk through any umpiring hesitations/fears
* Ask questions in a safe environment - others are likely wanting to ask the same question so no question is a silly one!

In the event that you find you can no longer attend and need to withdraw, we ask that you promptly advise via email to admin@netballwellington.co.nz to allow your space to be offered to other keen attendees where applicable.

Whistles & Rule Books:
Umpire items available to purchase - order via the online registration form.
Black Thunderer plastic finger-grip whistle - $6.50 each
Basic plastic whistle on lanyard - $5 each
2024 World Netball Rules of Netball book will be available for sale once in stock or view online here

Access April 2022 Umpiring 101 recording here. Passcode: n0$jn@+j
Access Satellite Umpiring Rules for Year 5-8 game here
​​​​​​​Bear in mind, 2024 Rule changes now apply.