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 Netball Rules - updated for 2024

In December 2023 World Netball launched the Rules of Netball 2024 Edition with free educational resources for all.

A comprehensive consultation process took place following the 2023 Netball World Cup with rule changes focused specifically on player safety and game management along with clarification and streamlining of existing rules such as contact and advantage. The layout of the rules has also been updated to simplify and encourage use by all of the Netball Family, not only umpires. These new rules come into play for all international matches from 1 January 2024.

View new 2024 Rules of Netball in English

Download Rules of Netball App for free:
Apps updated as new rules come into play from the 1st January 2024.

Netball New Zealand will be working closely with all Centres around New Zealand to ensure the changes are understood and applied from the start of our 2024 season.

Although the rules come into effect internationally from 1st January 2024, member countries may plan their domestic competition implementation date up to 1st September 2024 - accommodating northern hemisphere netballers who may be midway through their winter competition in January.

Translations into multiple languages will be made available. Any translation queries/requests - please direct to info@worldnetball.sport.

The Rules remain at all times the property of World Netball and copies of the Rules downloaded via the link above are strictly not for sale or re-print.  ​​​​​​​If you would like to purchase a Rules of Netball book these are available from our Netball Wellington Centre Online Shop (once 2024 edition in stock) or from World Netball via their World Netball Shop​​​​​​​

If a bit flummoxed about the new rules - we've compiled a one-page summary snapshot + one-page umpire hand signals to meet your needs!

2024 Netball Rule Changes Explained

Sign-up for Prem, Prem-Reserve, Senior & Collegiate grades here

Premier 1-3 grade only

Wednesday 13 March
6.30-7.30 pm
Ākau Tangi Sports Centre
This session is aimed at management & premier umpires only

Premier & Premier Reserve grades

Thursday 14 March
7-8 pm
Monday 18 March
7-8 pm
These sessions are for players, management, umpires, scorers, parents & supporters

Senior & Collegiate grades
Thursday 21 March
7-8 pm
​​​​​​​This session is for players, management, umpires, scorers, parents & supporters

Sign up for Satellite Year 5-8 grades here
Tuesday 26 March 7-8pm
Wednesday 3 April 7-8pm
​​​​​​​This session is for Satellite & school delegates, coaches, managers, umpires, scorers, players, parents & supporters

These sessions will explain twelve key rule changes identified by World Netball as part of the 2024 Rules Update.
They are aimed at netball stakeholders who would like to better understand any changes and how they may implicate their role in netball. 
This includes umpires, players, coaches, managers, scorers, parents and supporters.
​​​​​​​You should only attend one session for your appropriate grade. If you play, coach and/or umpire different grades, best choose the highest grade for greater learning.

New Rule resources

To help you gain an understanding of the new rules - World Netball have kindly compiled a one-page PDF explanation and accompanying video.