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Netball New Zealand Resources​​​​​​​

Netball New Zealand have released a number of helpful resources have been released to help outline what to coach to specific age and skill levels. Click images or links below to access full PDFs.
Power Up Your Coaching
​​​​​​​Coaching Diary 
Team Formation and Selecting Resource
Tournament Resource for Coaches
Community Coach Starter Resource - for college & lower club level coaches providing 12 training session plans
Year 9 & 10 Season Starter Programme - for Year 9 & 10 players.  Includes 
8 session plans and specialist sessions
The Coach & Manager's Handbook - for clubs/schools to help prep their coaches & managers for the season ahead ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​YouTube video links for activities featured in the futureFERNS Year 1-8 resources

futureFERNS Prepare to Play Resource - assists with returning to netball transitions after time away from netball (pre-season/illness/injury/return after Covid)

Power Up Your Coaching

Nuku Ora Community Development Lead - Coach & Participation Graham Witts, has created an e-guide called Power Up Your Coaching. In this guide there are links under headings such as:
The Beginner Coach
Getting to Know Your Athletes
Creating a Team Culture
Coaching Teenagers
Coaching Your Own Child
Coaching Young Women
​​​​​​​Designed to make it easier to locate resources relevant to you & your particular needs.

This guide is endorsed by the Wellington Region Balance is Better Advisory Group, and is now available to download for free.

Click image above to access resource.

Coaching Diary
​​​​​​​A one-stop free resource comprising 166 pages designed to help coaches start their season off in the most organised way.  Download a copy of Netball NZ's Coach Diary which includes a training plan template, tips on goal setting, record of attendance, statistics and more.

Click image above to access resource.

Team Formation and Selecting Resource
This resource is to support coaches, Centres, clubs and schools in the formation of teams. It covers both the placement and selection of players. More support is available for coaches, club, school, Centre administrators and trial co-ordinators by participating in the Community Coach Award Selecting workshop.  Check for upcoming workshop dates here.

Click image above to access resource.

Tournament Resource for Coaches
For many players, coaches, managers and umpires, tournament can be one of their most unforgettable and enjoyable netball experiences, where they get to not only test their skills against other teams, but make friendships, grow in self-confidence, enhance their sense of belonging and build special memories for life. This resource aims to help you and your team get the most out of tournament week so that it has a positive impact on everyone’s love for Netball.​​​​​​​

Click image above to access resource.

Community Coach Starter Resource
The above Netball New Zealand resource for college & lower club level coaches provides coaches with 12 session plans for use at team practices.  It comprises 76 pages.  Each session plan introduces players to a different skill and tactical aspect.  The skills and tactics are introduced in a progressive manner, building on the foundation skills. Focus on the skills and tactics taught each week during game time. It is important to avoid reacting to something that wasn’t working during last week’s game and spend the next practice focusing on improving that.  Within each session plan, there are several skill development activities, progressing from easy to more challenging. Choose the two to four activities that best match the players’ abilities. Each skill has a number of coaching points listed. It is important to focus on only two or three coaching points when players are learning a new skill.  For each tactical situation, there are also related game principles. Focus only on the one or two game principles which are most pertinent for the player or team.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

View video of each activity thanks to Netball Central Zone

Year 9 & 10 Season Starter Resource
A 60 page resource with 8 session plans plus an additional three specialist sessions targeting shooting, mid-court and defence.  The above Netball New Zealand Year 9 & 10 Season Starter Resource targets any Year 9 & 10 players and aims to provide a foundation to be used within secondary schools and at Centre level to enhance participation, skill level and development.  The target time for schools and centres to implement this resource is prior to trials or at the beginning of the season once teams are frst named.  
The resource includes:
◊ Technical, tactical and physical development skills
◊ Specialised area skills
◊ Player Well-being
◊ Strength training
◊ Balance and landing skills
◊ Education
Resource can be adapted to suit the needs of the players and team in terms of their skill level requirements.

Who will deliver the programme?
◊ Year 11-13 students supported by school staff/Netball Centres
◊ Parents
◊ School staff
◊ Netball Leaders Programme
◊ CCA coaches

​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

The Coach and Manager's Handbook
Editable resource for use by clubs and schools. Provide your coaches & managers with a handy point of reference for their season featuring:
* The Team Coach’s Role
* The Team Manager’s Role
* Equipment
* Playing Policy and Values
* Communication
* Umpires
* Local Netball Centre Rules
* NetballSmart
* Nutrition, Hydration and Player Welfare
* Concussion
* Rules of the Game
* Game Scoring, Timing and Statistics
* Health and Safety
* Netball New Zealand (NNZ) Code of Conduct and Ethics
* Common Questions and Answers

Click image above to access resource.

Locate the best reference points in this one place & enjoy your most successful season yet

Any questions or requests?
​​​​​​​Email ndo@netballwellington.co.nz

Manager resources

Netball NZ are excited to release four resources specifically for team managers.
​​​​​​​Click links or images below to access.

It’s great to be able to provide support and tips to this incredible group of volunteers. The resources focus on the fundamental skills and elements required of the role and then branch out into more specific aspects of a Netball season.   

Visit Netball NZ's  for more templates including accommodation briefing form, core values exercise, team pre-season questionnaire, score sheet, general game statistics, shooting statistics, team contacts and team expenses.  Scroll down the page to find Managers section or search page using CTRL+F.Manager's Resource Library

Also tap into NetballShare - another suite of resources full of helpful templates for club & school netball administrators, coaches & managers.​​​​​​​

Resources for Year 1-8 coaches

Year 1&2 coaching resource
​​​​​​​Resource to assist coaches to introduce netball to Year 1&2 (5 to 6 year olds). The aim is to develop fundamental movement and ball skills. The 20–minute game that follows a skill session is played on one third of a full–size court, by teams of four, with the emphasis on equal participation. Modified equipment is used. Resources features prescribed 10-week programme of fun engaging development activities.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

For visual learners - video demo of resource activities:

Year 3&4 coaching resource
​​​​​​​Resource to assist coaches with netball for Year 3&4 (7 to 8 year olds). The focus for this age group is to develop further skills, while still playing on a reduced court size with modified equipment. The format promotes lots of scoring, lots of touches on the ball and fun for all participants. With five players in each team and rotating positions, this ensures everyone has an equal chance to develop. Resource features prescribed 10-week programme of fun engaging development activities.
​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

For visual learners - video demo of resource activities:

Year 5&6 coaching resource
​​​​​​​Resource to assist coaches of Year 5&6 netballers (9 & 10 year olds). Netball continues to be modified for players of this age. The focus is on learning and continued development of fundamental movement and basic Netball skills. The 6v6 game is fast and provides players with lots of touches on the ball to enhance skill development, engagement and enjoyment. Resource features prescribed 10-week programme of fun engaging development activities.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

For visual learners - video demo of resource activities:

Year 7&8 coaching resource
Resource to assist coaches of Year 7&8 netballers (11 & 12 year olds). By this stage, players have developed a considerable understanding of the game, and are now playing seven-a-side. The emphasis is on converting fundamental movement skills to foundation Netball skills. Performance, challenge and ‘playing’ are key motives for this age group. Ensuring positional rotation and playing at least half a game will give each player the opportunity to participate and develop.

​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

​​​​​​​For visual learners - video demo of resource activities:

futureFERNS YouTube video playlists

​​​​​​​Videos for Year 1-8 training activities
​​​​​​​A helpful range of video resources that allow futureFERNS coaches to view each weekly activity in action prior to delivery.  Whether 'Tiger Tiger' for Year 1&2, 'Goal Bounce' for Year 3&4, 'Around the World' for Year 5&6 or 'Race Ball' for Year 7&8... check them out & give them a go with your team!

Click links below to access for each age group:

Videos of Year 1-8 warm-up activities
Compilation of all NetballSmart videos relevant to each age group in one spot for easy reference. At this age it is good to start to become familiar with the formal NetballSmart routine and establish a team routine as it plays a big part in injury prevention for those continuing to play netball into adulthood.

Click links below to access for each age group:

futureFERNS Prepare to Play for Year 1-6
A specifically designed programme of training sessions for Year 1-6 that can be implemented as pre-season ideas following a break from play or returning from Covid. Focus on fun non-contact skill development while returning to play netball.

​​​​​​​Click image above to access resource.

Resources to make a coach's life easier...

​​​​​​​* Player rotation templates for Year 3-8 for 5-a-side, 6-a-side, 7-a-side versions of the game
* AutoRoster for netball free app allows coaches & managers to automatically create a playing roster for your team
* Boost netball stats free app for coaches & managers to easily track individual & team performance for greater improvement & learning
* Yo-Yo Test free audio download for standardised player & umpire fitness testing
* Sport Tutor - link to free online learning portal endorsed by Netball New Zealand featuring freely accessible templates, resources, webinars and test banks.

World Netball free resources including video, coaching cards and Foundation Level Coaching Manual for coaches with little to no coaching experience with low grade teams.

Year 3-8 player rotation templates
If you're a coach who would appreciate a little help with how to work out fair player rotations to adhere with Netball NZ recommendations then these free Year 3-8 player rotation templates may be of help to you. Then all you need to do is enter player names and let the formula do the rest. Includes templates for Year 3&4 (5v5 game), Year 5&6 (6v6 game) and Year 7&8 (7v7 game).

Select & download free rotation templates here

AutoRoster - free netball position rotation app
Generate smart netball rosters with ease for a single game, trial game-play, or to manage a team using a genetic algorithm for optimal player placement. Make last-minute changes. Gather stats and analyse team performance.

Download via Google Play
Download via Mac App Store​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Boost - free netball stats app
Boost your netball team's performance with statistics and insights that deliver winning results. Compare stats for the entire team or individual players in a few clicks with boost.

Download via Google Play
Download via Mac App Store

Yo-Yo Test free audio download
The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test is the standardised fitness test of choice within the netball code used to test player and umpire fitness levels. It combines short intensive runs with brief recovery periods giving a solid level of realism to the fitness requirements of intermittent sports as it mirrors the fitness required to play netball.

​​​​​​​Access free Yo-Yo Test mp3 audio download here​​​​​​​

View Netball NZ fitness testing guidelines here (page 9-11 outlines Yo-Yo test setup & optimal U16 to U21 vs Silver Fern benchmarks)

See Netball NZ tips to maximise Yo-Yo Test performance here

Sport Tutor online learning portal
Netball New Zealand's new online learning portal, Sport Tutor, is ready for use from 15 March 2021.  Sport Tutor is a tried and tested online learning management tool in the sports industry, used by many codes and managed through Sport New Zealand.  Three familiar modules from the old Bracken online learning system have been retained:
•    Community Coaching
•    Umpire and Player 
•    NetballSmart
A couple of the key benefits our community will notice immediately, it is a more user intuitive system and they have their own personal learning space. 

Check out the system at​​​​​​
Sport Tutor - Netball NZ Public Catalogue​​​​​

Foundation Coaching free resources
World Netball have a series of coaching videos and coaching cards that support their FREE to download Foundation Level Coaching Manual written in three languages - English, French & Spanish.

These resources have been developed to target ‘Foundation Level’ Coaches who fall into the following criteria:

  • Little if no coaching experience
  • Very basic coaching skills
  • Looking to embark on a journey to become a netball coach
  • Coaching grassroots and lower league teams e.g. schools

Access free resources here

NetballSmart Resources

NetballSmart website
​​​​​​​More than just a warm-up... NetballSmart is made up of six principles that collectively ensure a stronger fitter athlete who is able to avoid injury and perform at their peak for longer.  The six principles include:

  • Smart preparation
  • Dynamic warm-up, cool down and recovery
  • Smart development - correct skill & technique
  • Smart training - loading, endurance, strength, power & flexibility
  • Well-being/welfare
  • Smart injury management​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • NetballSmart Workshops

NetballSmart Coach school & club support
​​​​​​​Our local NetballSmart Development Officer, Carla van der Merwe is dedicated to sharing her wealth of NetballSmart knowledge with our wider netball community.  A key way in which she can spread the word is through upskilling all coaches given you're the hands-on trusty guiding players at grassroots.  Click the image above to find out more about what resources and practical sessions she has to offer.  To book her services complete this NetballSmart request form or email NetballSmart@netballcentral.co.nz

Click image above to view full screen.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

NetballSmart Resource Guide
All NetballSmart resources available for the benefit of...

  • Players
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Umpires

Nearly all resources/links can be found down this page.
Workshops can be arranged via email to NetballSmart@netballcentral.co.nz​​​​​​​

Click image above to view full screen.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Pre-Season Preparation

NetballSmart Preparation Programme
Pre-season training resource
NetballSmart has some fantastic training programmes available for pre-season training.  This resource outlines self-sufficient exercises designed to help you prepare for netball.  Included is a weekly calendar to help you to plan your preparation.  Length of programme is 4 - 6 weeks.  Developed for secondary school players in mind however with modification, can be useful for all netball players who want to prepare well for a season and get the most out of their netball.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

NetballSmart Prepare to Play Programme
​​​​​​​A skill based programme to aid transition to Game Play.  This coaching programme aims to prepare netballers for game play by developing great movement and netball skills to improve performance and minimise injuries. It also offers ideas for important team preparation – to help build a positive, connected and motivating environment. Coaches of every level can deliver this programme and Netball Central's NetballSmart Development Officer Carla van der Merwe is available to guide, upskill and assist coaches should you seek support. Enquiries to NetballSmart@netballcentral.co.nz

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

NetballSmart Home Based Programme
​​​​​​​running, biking & body weight circuits
NetballSmart has some fantastic training programmes available for pre-season training.  This resource outlines running, biking & body weight activities.  Over a 4-6 week period, this home-based programme will increase fitness. NetballSmart encourage you to aim to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day and incorporate these running, biking and bodyweight circuits into your training.  Above all enjoy!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

NetballSmart Warm-Up Variations

​​​​​​​Transition from Warm-Up to Game

Resource designed for use after NetballSmart Dynamic Warm Up to better prepare players for the demands of the game and reduce injury risk.
​​​​​​​Focus on transitioning appropriate movements from warm-up right up to the first whistle.  Suggests activities for:
​​​​​​​* Game Transitional Skills
* Sub Group prep (Shooters/Mid-court/Defence)
* Full Team Drill
​​​​​​​* Game-Like Activity

Access complete 4-page NetballSmart Game Transitional Skills resource or click each image below to view full screen.

​​​​​​​Landing Skills

Netball New Zealand video showcasing best practices for safe jumping and landing - a highly valuable yet often overlooked technical skill used frequently throughout training and games.

NetballSmart Landing Skills - 
​​​​​​​Level 1, 2 & 3

Completing 10 minutes of this Landing Skills module after a NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-Up (NSDWU) or during skills and activity sessions helps reduce injuries and improve performance. There are three levels within Landing Skills, they are as follows:* Level One: Core Foundation * Level Two: Multi-Directional * Level Three: Plyometrics (Landing on uneven surfaces and balance).

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

View demonstrations of each activity at NetballSmart Landing Skills video playlist​​​​​​​

NetballSmart Landing Skills 1 & 2 reference

Level 1: Completing 10 mins of this Landing skill module after a NetballSmart Dynamic Warm up or during a skills and activity session helps reduce injuries and improve performance.  Players may be at different levels of this programme at any one time so adjust it for individual members of the team.

Level 2: Players may be at different levels of this programme at any one time so adjust it for individual members of the team.  Level two offers adaptions and alternatives for each player during the season.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

SmartPlayer & SmartParent

NetballSmart SmartPlayer resource
​​​​​​​At times it is challenging to make the right decisions for you and your sport.  Netball NZ have proudly developed this new resource full of simple strategies and great ideas to support your secondary school netball journey including how to:

• Get fit, strong and stay healthy
• Reduce risk of serious injury
• Grow and extend your performance
• Set goals and challenge yourself to achieve them
• Enjoy Netball to the fullest for a lifetime
• Gain practical off court tips to get the most out of trainings and prepare for games

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

NetballSmart SmartParent resource
Want to help your kids enjoy, perform and stay healthy this Netball season? SmartParent has been specifically designed for you with tips and strategies to help grow your child’s love for the sport whilst reducing their injury risk.  Find on how to decrease injury risk & manage physical workload, nutrition, and how puberty effect your child’s movement.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.


SmartHealth Handbook

SmartHealth is a NEW resource designed to understand and support female player health and development within New Zealand Netball and is part of the Smart Wellbeing and Welfare principle. SmartHealth aims to provide education for players, coaches, support staff and wha-nau, to better understand female player health, empower the female player to manage their own health, and how to recognise signs in players who may need support. Key focus areas will be; changes throughout puberty and adolescence, the role of the menstrual cycle for health, the importance of nutrition and recovery and practical advice on supporting player health and performance.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

SmartHealth Resources

​​​​​​​SmartHealth aims to provide education for players, coaches, support staff and whānau, to better understand female player health and how to recognise signs in players who may need support. 

SmartHealth resources focus on six topics:

  • Puberty & Development
  • The Menstrual Cycle
  • Female Player Health - Energy Availability
  • Female Player Health & Performance - RED-S
  • Practical Ways To Support Female Player Health & Wellbeing
  • 10 Key Messages for Healthy Players

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

​​​​​​​Covid-19 Care

This framework helps guide and support player, whānau and coach through the transition returning from Omicron to Play (OTP) safely. Bear in mind, the guide is very individual, cannot be rushed, and is a process.  Access NetballSmart's COVID-19 Care resource

NetballSmart - Six Principles

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click images or links below to view full-size resource.

Smart Tournament Tips

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click images or links below to view full-size resource.

Smart Tournament - 10 Top Tips

  • Hydrate
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Prepare
  • Warm Up
  • Share the Load
  • Manage Injuries
  • Snacks
  • Cool Down
  • Team Spirit

Body Weight + Core Workouts & Circuits

Body Weight Strengthening Programme

Netball players need to have good core strength and limb control to jump, land and change direction. Strength helps develop the fundamental movement patterns required for Netball, improving performance and reducing injury risk. This programme is designed for novice/younger Netball players and should be done 2-3 times per week. Minimal equipment is required.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Core Control & Stability for Netball

Simple 30 min workout

Netball is a dynamic game involving extreme body movements. Controlling the core and ensuring stability on landing assists performance and helps reduce injury risk. Work on this simple programme 2-3 times a week and develop core control and stability on the court.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.


For after trainings and games or part of a recovery session.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Roller Recovery
For after trainings and games or part of a recovery session. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Combined Roller Recovery & Stretches
For after trainings and games or part of a recovery session

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

My Smart Roadmap
Designed to help players take responsibility for their own wellbeing and recovery to ensure they are keeping a good training/life balance. In each section check in on yourself by marking either a 1, 2, or 3.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Pool Recovery
For reducing muscle tension and post exercise oedema (swelling). View short or long session plans via buttons below.


NetballSmart Community Concussion Guidelines

Player’s welfare and wellbeing is always a priority. With this in mind, Netball NZ launched their NetballSmart Concussion Guidelines. This is a great resource and we encourage all coaches and administrators to read through these guidelines. While the incidence of a concussion in Netball is low, it is increasing and it is all our responsibility to protect players.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

NetballSmart Concussion Management Guide

Netball New Zealand has developed Community Concussion Guidelines and resources to help direct actions, responses and treatment of concussion.  While the incidence of a concussion in Netball is low, it is increasing and these guidelines are important to protect the wellbeing and welfare of our players.  Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). The highest volume of concussion occurs among those aged 10-19 years old.  Concussion (and player wellbeing and welfare in general) is everyone's responsibility. Players, parents, coaches and officials need to act in the best interests of the player by taking responsibility for referring and removing, recognising to a medical doctor any player who is suspected to have sustained a concussion.​​​​​​​

NetballSmart Concussion on Court - Top Tips to Keep Your Head in the Game!
6 Rs...

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Smart Ankle

Strapping & Ankle Injury Prevention

Why are ankle injuries common in netball?
What is an ankle sprain?
How can we prevent them?

This resource details everything you need to know about how to keep our feet safe, treating injury, putting throught into shoe purchase and lacing and what should go in your first aid kit.

10 Top Prevention Tips
1. Ankle Exercises
2. Tape or Brace
3. Warm Up
4. Shoes
5. Act on Ankle Sprains
6. Find a Physio
7. Graduated Return To Sport
8. Train Netball Landings
9. Train Reactive Footwork
10. Sleep​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Ankle Strapping

A step-by-step picture guide on how to recreate the best strapping technique to support your ankles to the maximum.

Click image or link above to access resource.

Blister Prevention

Blisters are so common that we often do not take them seriously enough! Netball feet get a hammering, especially during camps, weeklong tournaments and other high load periods. This resource outlines five ways to help ease the load on your feet:

1: Simple ways to help reduce friction
2: Reduce Bone movement
3: Shoe Fit & Lacing
4: Use of Tape & Paddings
5: Other things to consider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Click image or link above to access resource.

Taping & Bracing
After a significant ankle sprain, the ligament will be stretched and heal with scar tissue. Therefore, it is no longer as effective at protecting the ankle from extremes of movement that cause injury. Wearing a brace or tape will help prevent the ankle from moving into such extremes of movement.​​​​​​​

Click image or link above to access resource.

Netball Shoes
A Netball shoe is designed to support the foot for 100% of the game; during quick movements, side-ways movements, stopping, starting, pivoting, planting, cutting and landings. A running shoe supports the foot during forward movement only. The average Netball player only moves in a forward direction for 28% of the game.​​​​​​​

Check out 8 different shoe lace techniques for:

  • narrow heels (heel lock)
  • shoes feel too tight
  • pain in toes
  • high arches
  • wide forefoot
  • narrow foot
  • wide feet
  • high midfoot (bump)

Click image or link above to access resource or view lacing videos below.

Bronco Testing

Netball is an endurace power-based sport.  This means that players rely on both aerobic (oxygen reliant) and anaerobic fitness in the duration of the game.
Fitness testing helps both players and coaches understand what the team is capable of.

Why test? Mistakes happen when players fatigue. Fitness testing can help you as a coach to understand how to train and play your players in a way that improves performance and minimises the risk of injury.

Click each images below or access full Bronco Testing resource

An evidence-based philosophy endorsed by Sport New Zealand/Ihi Aotearoa in support of quality sport experiences for all young people, regardless of ability, needs and motivations. It is about young people staying involved in sport for life and realising their potential at the right time.

Information tailored for coaches, parents, athletes, sport leaders & administrators, women & girls

Webinars covering a broad range of topics available to access/view via the Balance is Better website

Supporting young women to be active the way they choose.
The needs of young women are unique and different when it comes to sport and recreation.  Factors like time pressure and lack of confidence mean they gradually participate less and drop out of structured activity at a faster rate than young men. So how do we support them in leading healthy, active lives? It starts by understanding what matters to them.  Information for girls, parents and leaders alike.
Access free online workouts & podcasts

Sign up to receive free toolkit resource​​​​​​​


#ITSMYMOVE have joined forces with NETFIT NZ in 2023 to provide a bunch of workout videos, podcasts and movement hacks - access digital content here.
Whether you move for fun, for friendship or to kick your team goals – explore new ways to move with them!

WORKOUT LIST - T&Cs apply - read here

Handy Video Resources

Searching for activities for individuals to keen to sharpen their netball skills in their own time and space? Gone are the days where you need a partner to help expand your skillset as English netballer Sasha Corbin will show you in her series of Solo Sessions on YouTube... use a make-shift ladder, wall, skipping rope and creating fun netball dance challenges in the process!

Wayne Goldsmith has worked with everyone from the All Blacks to Olympian Michael Phelps and is on a mission to help coaches become the coach they dream of becoming.  He's big on keeping young athletes stay in sport by making coaching more engaging, inspiring, and connecting. His messages resonate with coaches, teachers, sports administrators, club officials and parents alike.  Check him out for more than a little food for thought.

Seeking a strength and conditioning option that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home?  For a bit of added variety, Maddie Lymburner creates motivational one-song-long fitness workouts providing a fun, easy-to-follow dance fitness challenge to currently popular songs with no equipment needed.  Explore her MadFit YouTube channel for a variety of additional workouts that add a little fun including 15-20 minute workouts that target specific areas such as legs, abs, arms, full body and also stretch routines.

Handy Online Training, Learning Resources & Webinars

Learn how you can you help safeguard and protect play, active recreation and sport at all levels, for all New Zealanders. Sport NZ has a suite of e-learning modules so you can take a deep dive into areas such as child safeguarding, competition manipulation and anti-discrimination in the play, active recreation and sport sector. This learning is available free of charge to anyone at any level involved in play, active recreation and sport, including parents, caregivers, whānau, coaches, administrators, and participants.

The modules are housed on ​​​​​​​​​​​SportTutor. You can sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one. The modules include videos, case studies, and quizzes to help you gain a real understanding of the topics, and allow you to learn at your own pace. You can stop part way through a module and pick up where you left off when you login next time. And, Sport NZ offer help should you need assistance. Check out the modules and start learning.

Netball New Zealand are excited to launch the Community Coaching Strategy, which has been developed in consultation with key people from all parts of our Netball system.  Important reference document for coaches of players, umpire coaches, coach developers & trainers, coaching administrators in Zones and Centres.

Sport Wellington hosted the a series of webinars to help all coaches in the Wellington region grow their toolbox and broaden their thinking participant-centered coaching. 

1.  Implementing Character Development in Coaching (May 2020)
Explore how coaches can take action to implement character development in their coaching. This webinar followed the recent Sport NZ’s Balance is Better webinar with Andy Rogers and Ralph Pim on 
Transforming Character Strengths into Productive Results

2. How to deliver great sessions for participants through creative coaching (May 2020)
Russell Earnshaw, former English rugby player and co-founder of the Magic Academy shares his innovative approach to learning that involves making learning more relatable to the digital world that youth are exposed to.

Explore TrueSport Learning Topics
The role of a coach in an athlete’s life is a complicated one. You might serve as instructor, teacher, motivator, disciplinarian, substitute parent, social worker, friend, manager, therapist, and even fundraiser. In addition to the many hats you may wear, you are expected to have an in-depth knowledge of the sport you are coaching, the rules of the game, and the techniques needed to play the sport. You may even need to understand basic kinesiology, sport psychology, nutrition, and first aid. 

Help maximise your athlete’s potential both on and off the field with these TrueSport Coach resources covering topics such as Sportmanship, Character Building & Life Skills, Clean & Healthy Performance.

Play by the Rules online training is for everyone involved in sport and recreation organisations, including: coaches, administrators, officials, players, parents and spectators.  They offer free courses on some of the most important topics in sport, including: child protection, harassment and discrimination, complaint handling, inclusive coaching, creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive club along with mini courses such as Parents' guide to clean sport, Let Kids be Kids, Intro to the integrity of sport, ethics and ethical decision-making in sport and putting integiry into action. Courses have been developed in consultation with sports experts who work in these areas. They are short, user-friendly and feature the latest interactive technology, including case studies, practical scenarios and a quiz. The modules may be done in part, or all at once.