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2024 Season information

Key rule changes to be aware of in 2024:

  1. All teams required to have their coach and manager name in Sporty to enable use of AppointMe Umpire notification app. Premier & Premier Reserve team MUST have at least 1 coach and 1 manager registered to their team prior to the start of the season.
  2. Under the Incorporated Society Act all players/member’s required to have correct details listed in Sporty. Share access with players in each team to log in themselves to ensure their information is correct.
  3. Rule 4.18.1 - It is compulsory for teams in Premier, Premier Reserve and Senior 1-3 grades to complete the NWC Player Umpire Questionnaire before Friday 17 May 2024. This is available via the Netball Wellington Game Day app and via our website. Failure to complete this questionnaire by 17 May 2024 may result in players not being able to take the court on 18 May 2024 and thereafter until completed.
    It is recommended all player umpires attend the Umpiring Rules 101 virtual sessions on 23 April and 22 May - register here.
  4. Rule 4.9 (f) Premier Reserve, Collegiate players and Senior grade players may substitute registered uniform top & shorts in place of skirt/dress. All uniform amendments must follow stipulations stated in (g). A Club Administrator or School Sport Coordinator may apply in writing to NWC for a variation from the registered uniform. A Uniform Registration form must be completed for any uniform changes.  For teams playing outside, consideration may be given to players wearing sweatshirts during inclement weather. All requests are to be in writing to NWC Community Competitions Officer at games@netballwellington.co.nz. *rule now includes Premier Reserve*
  5. Rule 4.11.2 Change in Prem Res, Senior, Collegiate & Junior playing up – the 5th time play up, the player must remain in a higher ranked team for the rest of the season. Senior A School teams are an exception to this rule – as per Rule where the 6th time they stay up. Please note Premier 1-3 has remained as 3rd time playing up, the player must remain in a higher ranked team for the rest of the season. *rule remains the same*

Player umpire draw
Released Monday each week. This is subject to change i.e. teams possibly removed from their duty or moved onto reserve, and will aim to be confirmed by Friday 10 am. Any major changes the club will be advised, and Manager will be advised via AppointMe.

Game Day App
In use again this year. Here is the link to the page with refreshers and FAQ’s.
Please let managers/scorers/coaches know that teams will need to score and register teams via the Netball Wellington App. Team Player Substitutions will need to be completed by ALL Premier teams throughout the game. If there are players who have been selected as part of a game day team as a sub and have not taken the court for that week, please send me an email on games@netballwellington.co.nz on Monday with the name of the player/s and their team so I am able to remove them from the team sheet. If this is not done within a week of that game, this will affect the player’s eligibility and will count as a game played up if pulled in from another team.

​​​​​​​2024 scorer codes can be found in each club/school Team Builder.

  • Click into individual team
  • Look at top left corner of team
  • "Scorer code" will display with a 6 character code. e.g. HUMBLE

List of ALL scorer codes will be available on a Saturday with staff. 

2024 New Rules