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NetballShare - resources for Club and School Administrators

Netball New Zealand have compiled a suite of resources for club and school administrators to make life much easier for the hard-working volunteers that make Netball happen throughout the country.

The resource project, called NetballShare, has launched on the Netball New Zealand education platform Sport Tutor with 26 free editable and commonly used documents.

"The overall goal of NetballShare is simple - to create tools that make it easier and more efficient for our people to administer Netball," said Jenna Murie, Volunteer Advocate at Netball New Zealand.

"With time being one of the key barriers to volunteering, and in a season that will no doubt be affected by Covid-19, having these resources handy for each club and school to pick up and use will be so helpful."

There is a wide range of resources that have been included - for example, a Coach and Managers Handbook, a guide on Leading a Coach Information Session, the Game Day Checklist, some Parent Engagement Scenarios, a Year Planner and a Thank you Letter.

"We're keen to get feedback as the season progresses on which resources are useful, and if others are required we will look to create them for future seasons. Of course if your school or club is needing something, it's highly likely others will find it useful too. The more we can assist each other, the stronger our Netball community will be," said Murie.

You can find the resources on Sport Tutor here: NetballShare

An advisory group comprised of 34 people in various roles within clubs, schools and Centres across New Zealand was established with the aim of contributing documents and providing feedback on the content and functionality. Netball New Zealand would like to thank this advisory group for all they have contributed to this project.

Article published April 2022 via Netball New Zealand web